September 08, 2011


So, I have an excuse for the lack of posts around here. I had
hoped to draw a lot this summer, have my shop ready this fall with tons
of new cards, and well I didn't get to anything. Turns out we are expecting
a little one in March 2012 - and could not be more excited! 
I just started my 2nd trimester and already feel the energy coming back! 

I got a few things going on that I'm looking forward to this fall:
illustration classes resuming at the end of September, some holiday cards
that I designed going up in the shop, apple picking, a cousins reunion in October,
and coming up this weekend the Renegade Craft Fair! I won't
be participating, however I plan on shopping a bunch!

I'll leave you with a video I made using my iphone - we celebrated my husbands
birthday a couple weekends ago with a bbq and outdoor movie at our friends backyard. 
(a little warning, there is a swear word at the end of the film.. i'm sorry i
thought it was too good to cut out!)


  1. no waaaay !!! Oh Denise, I am so happy for you !!
    you are going to be the best mama ! :D
    congrats to you & Mr !

  2. such a cute little drawing!! and congratulations :)

  3. congratulations miss! that's ever so lovely. :)

  4. sonia - thank you so much! i'm so excited!

    nicole - ha! i guess thats what an illustrator would do - right? i thought it would be more my style to draw a picture of me pregnant than show one! no one wants to see that! hehe thank you!

    peas and needles - :) thank you thank you!

    naa - thank you too!

    jen - it really is! thanks so much!

  5. Aaww, what exciting news! Congrats Denise! :)

  6. yay!! thats great, you must be really exited, I´m happy for you :D

  7. you are gonna be the best mama out there!! congrats, lady!!

  8. BAH! Sooo soo exciting and so happy for you Denise! :) xo

  9. ina - thank you very much!

    anne - yay! thanks

    javo - i am super excited!

    kate - thanks kate! fingers crossed i will the best mama out there - haha!

    roxy - thank you! when i saw your post about decorating a baby's room - i was like oh my gosh, but then you tricked me and said... someday! :)

  10. Congratulations, Denise!! How exciting. :) (sorry I am a little behind!) Loving your baby diary.

  11. alicia - thank you!

    sarah (parrott design) - awe thank you so much! :)