November 07, 2011

baby diary (21 weeks + 1 day)


The question I get asked the most is "what are you craving?"
I have had some pretty normal ones like chocolate, but I have also
been craving oranges and orange juice like crazy. I hate orange juice!
Grapes are my number 1 at the moment, hemp protein shakes are a 
close 2nd. But the weirdest so far is mussels! I recently read
that your iron build up from many years of having a period is 
depleted around 20 weeks. My mussel craving started just about
at my 20 week week mark - turns out they are pretty high in
iron. Pregnancy cravings are interesting!


  1. Very interesting- I've heard of pregnant women craving things like plastic and dirt so consider yourself lucky! hehe

  2. jayne - haha i know! no scary cravings thats for sure! thank goodness!