April 25, 2011

New Orleans

juan's tacos
cherry coconut snowball


stinging caterpillars

too much coffee

the kingpin

bathing suit

A few little sketches I did while vacationing in New Orleans last week. This city will always hold a special place in my heart. I got engaged here, vacationed, moved, lived, and discovered I don't like living 900 miles away from my friends and family. However, I think it's great idea to visit when spring has not quite been to the midwest yet. A week of 80 degree weather is always nice. 


  1. I love this! It's like a mini illustrated travel journal!

  2. jamie - i always try to sketch when i'm traveling, but it hardly ever happens. i gotta make a better effort!

    anne - yay! oh it was so good! we'll have to go down again soon! (next year)