March 29, 2011

Ruff Drafts

I had hoped to introduce you to Ruff Drafts yesterday, but instead I spent the day with a friend who was in town. Ruff Drafts is my new little side project - custom illustrated pet portraits! This idea has been in the works for a year - yep a year! I finally buckled down this weekend and put together the shop. My whole idea is that I love to draw, I love to draw animals, I'd love to draw your animal! 

It's really simple and hopefully will be a lot of fun. Stop by and have a look if you get a chance.

And a portrait of my old cat Penny and old dog Franny who are both no longer with me. 


  1. Brilliant! Your work is fantastic :)

  2. Such a great idea! Would make a brilliant gift idea. x

  3. um, I love this and will be wanting some soon!

  4. alicia - thank you!

    brooke - you are too kind! thanks!

    jolly good - i think so too!

    jennifer - i would love to draw your kitties!

  5. so glad! I've actually been thinking that I would love for you to draw my gigi. !!! Great job.

  6. kenzie - yes i would absolutely love to draw gigi! maybe we should do a trade!

    jenny - im blushing thank you!

  7. awesome!!! i know of two doggies who would love their portrait done soon.