March 30, 2011


I have a huge fear of flying. Huge! I wish I was one of those folks that can get on a plane - no problem. But I'm not. What are your tricks for happy plane flying?


  1. Lots of interesting magazines to keep me distracted :)

  2. -Music, loud!
    -Closing eyes:)

    I've fear and also my ears always hurt when the plane lands.

  3. Denise, your blog is adorable and I love your illustrations! Also, if I had a pet, I would have you draw it!!

    Cheers! Julie

  4. the last time I was in a plane I read the last chapter of an Agatha´s Christie novel, this way I was very distracted!

  5. Sleep. That makes everything better.

  6. Hi Denise, I have a latent fear of flying too and today I just flew two times ;) Well, Brooke is right, magazine are great, breathing too *haha* and admiring the clouds. Other than that I had a friend with me, whose hand I could hold, well, more crushed ;)

  7. brooke - that could help. i do like magazines!

    gasilhane - music - yep i could do that! it'll probably block out the scary plane noises.

    julie - thank you!

    alicia - agatha christie! books i have yet to read. i do like a good mystery.

    fickle cattle - eek i wish i could sleep. not very likely!

    hallo heute - yes i will have my husbands hand to squeeze and i'm sure it'll drive him crazy :) ah i just gotta get over it. how else am i supposed to travel overseas?!