December 09, 2011

baby diary (25 weeks 6 days)

finally gave in and started going to a Chiropractor for back pain. apparently the hot water bottle I used all the time was making things worse, ice packs from now one. good thing it's winter..

heart burn and acid reflux are in full swing and it's not fun. the most relief i get is when i drink papaya juice. (yep i spelled it wrong in my drawing haha)
dear feet, i haven't seen you in weeks. how are you?


so, as i approach my third trimester, i'm starting to feel more pregnant. all the
miserable symptoms i've been reading about are actually true! 


  1. I think your illustrations for this are so sweet and will make the best baby book for your little one to be. When you share what you're going through I remember those days of my own. Looking back I can't believe they went by so fast! I haven't ever had papaya juice but I'm curious to try it now. Was it something you enjoyed before your pregnancy or something you came across along the way?

  2. I'm 24 weeks now, and starting to get that 'heavy' feeling - it's my second baby, so I should be used to it really! I've been struggling with back pain too - sciatica to be exact - and I often use hot water bottles. Now I'm wondering if I should stop!
    I love your little drawings, they're so sweet!

  3. hi!

    i've been enjoying your blog for quite some time now, and i was wondering what sort of tablet you use to do your illustrations?

    catherine :)

  4. kagan - thanks for your sweet comment! my midwives told me about papaya for heartburn, but really what caused my horrible heartburn was orange juice...had to lay off of it!

    vicky - congrats on no. 2! i thought the hot water bottle was supposed to be helping and once i switched over to an ice pack it made a world of a difference...well so did going to the chiropractor. i highly highly recommend!

    alicia- thank you so much!

    catherine - awe thank you! i draw everything by hand, then i scan in and vectorize in illustrator. i have seem to find a little routine in the way i end up making my drawings digital. don't ask me how i figured it out! haha