January 30, 2012

Rag Doll

I was at the library last week looking through Martha Stewart Living and I came across an article about Jess Brown and I instantly fell in love with her work.  I'm sure you will to when you see her beautiful dolls. I highly recommend watching her Artists & Farmers series -- I think I might want to move into her studio and start making rag dolls. 


  1. these dolls! I knew Kiki and Coco from another part. Maybe Papier Maché magazine?
    Lovely ones, all these details...

  2. alicia - i saw kiki and coco on jess's site - she is pretty amazing!

  3. Ah! I read that article, and I was blown away by those dolls. Aren't they amazing? Hope you're feeling well, Denise!

  4. emily - oh my gosh i know! what an amazing artist! i want her studio! i want to make those rag dolls!

    feeling good! 5 more weeks till baby! :)